Proof Reading

German and English proof-reading

Would you like your written work to be checked for spelling or grammatical mistakes ?

Would you like to ensure that important correspondence, brochures, advertisements etc. are free from mistakes ?

We have carried out proof-reading for a large number of companies in both German and English. Our most prominent individual client to date is world-famous historian Keith Lowe, whose books have been translated into many different languages. Keith wrote to us as thanks:

“All authors need a good proof reader, no matter how thorough we think we are.

You have spotted errors in my book that I and others have missed on more than a dozen readings, and also corrected my German (which turns out to be not nearly so good as I thought it was!). In short, you have spared my blushes, and for this I am truly grateful.”

Do please have a look at Keith's superb books

INFERNO about the bombing of Hamburg in 1943 and

SAVAGE CONTINENT about Europe in the aftermath of World War Two